Our company has a history of successes.

Was founded in 1983 establishing itself with determination and dynamism in the market, differentiating itself in the products and services offered.

After a period of direct sales to the private sector in 1995, he established a partnership with DOMOTECNICA, the first italian network of installers specializing in energy saving. This collaboration made grow and spread S.A.E. throughout the Italian territory, forming a direct link with the installer, understanding their difficulties and needs. This has meant that S.A.E. in 2009 it entered into a contract with EcoWater Systems becoming the official distributor and authorized service center for North Star water softeners. This line is reserved for installers and is characterized by its particular proportional volumetric operation that allows considerable energy savings compared to the best water softeners on the market.

Today S.A.E. has a consolidated presence in the hydraulic, civil, industrial, national and international sectors. The passion and professionalism of the technicians and of the company team characterize the continuous growth.

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